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WHERE DO I HIRE A HITMAN/HIRE A KILLER: Alot of people have been seeking for where to hire a serial killer or hire a hitman. Hiring a hitman has been difficult for so many persons due to the means of reaching one. Before now you can only locate this king of service in the darkweb which you cannot access with your normal browser except you use TOR browser and also getting the right link to what you seek for. if someone is in your bad book, did someone ripped you from a business deal or have you been hurt so bad that you want to revenge but you don’t have the heart to do so, worry no more because that’s why we are here to take care of the job for you, hire a killer to do your bidding.


Assassination is the most practical solution to solve the personal dispute. Ordering a hitman has never been easier for anyone, thanks for the web you can now hire a professional hitman like a pizza. We manage a network of freelance assassins, available to kill at the moment of notice. All you have to do is send an email, along with the details and wait for further instruction. All the communication is done through our secure online forms.

Hire a Hitman is the perfect solution for your killing needs. We provide a number of professional assassination services available all over the world. Whether you are trying to put an end domestic dispute or eliminate your business competitors, we have the solution for you. We have privately owned independent firm that specializes in reliable contract killings. We take our business very seriously and provides the best.


HOW TO HIRE A CONTRACT KILLER: We specialize in providing criminal services worldwide, our specialization is contract killings and the arms TRADE. We leave beacons about ourselves on the Internet, so that any interested person can find us from anywhere and hire a killer deep web. We perform our work worldwide in any civilized country, we act on the Territory of the any country all over the world. This is a kind of criminal tourism for us.


OUR SNIPERS: Highly trained soldier who specializes in shooting targets with modified rifles from incredibly long distances

ACCIDENT SERVICES: Explosions, arson and intimidation actions. Also, Including production sabotage and destruction of objects of your competitors without obvious signs of intentional destruction.

KNIFE KILLING: We accept contract killings with knife to inflict pain to your enemies before sent above.,

OUR POISON SERVICE: We have highly deadly poison for any enemy of your Nembutal / Potassium Cyanide and other forms of poisoning all available. Therefore, destroy your enemies in seconds. Also, we sale Nembutal and Potassium Cyanide Our Professional hitman service available 24hr/7 3 days to identify our target. Also, we execute within 5-7 days all on agreements. Therefore, now contact us for more details on place of execution. How we execute your target.  


Our prices varies depending on the specification of the job and the individual you want us to assassinate. For we offer many option to suit the specific needs of each client. Each case is analyzed and designed for maximum protection and satisfaction. Basic contacts start at base cost plus expenses. We require these details below:

ADDRESS (if any)

We receive %80 of our fee before we start the job and balance after job is complete within 48 hours. You can also recover debt from a someone or your lost money if you have been scammed or HERE


  • We accept %80 upfront payment for the job and balance is due no later than 48 hours after the job is done. 
  • Our jobs are clean and untraceable, we ensure that we surely deliver as per our clients request.
    Our clients are safe and anonymous in our dealing.

  • We have a group/networks for we are in many Countries around the world and are ready to the carry out high-quality any kinds of killings.

  • Our team has a transportation communication and a deep web criminal community.

  • We keep up with the times, and therefore expanded our client base by creating websites on the Internet. Just up need to criminal contacts, like the any other name person you can Independently find us on the services of Internet and order or buy weapons anonymously, running reliable secure and efficiently.

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  1. letMeReveng

    Is any Hitman available India??

  2. toy23

    I was human trafficked. Raped with objects. This has made my life a living hell.

  3. Dav992

    Good job dudes tnx for comin thru

  4. 7hillz0

    I never knew you guys existed until i bumped in here through search from darkweb and got you guys. Thanks for a job well done.

  5. John black

    Is Malta an available country?

  6. Robert

    Can I hire a hitman

  7. Theboogeyman

    Hello, you could contact me via email that I have to tell you something very important.
    kind regards

  8. Dakota tuttle

    Hi my name is Dakota I was wanting to know if you can kill my girlfriend she lives in north Carolina Bermuda run her name is kenzie smeeton camn you go over and murder that bitch for me

  9. Vlaamse meid

    Hi, i need the father of my child dead. I want him to suffer as bad as he made me when he beat me up while i was preignant. And now the court in belgium let him see my daughter every weekend even if she never met him. He wil molest and harm my little girl and there is no legal way to help my avoid this. Please please please help me
    I want

    1. Feddy

      Tell me about it, I need one as well to eliminate a person that I have a extremely dangerous grudge on what he have done. Its personal for me.

  10. jenn

    contact me please. I have need someone taken out before I go to court. If he is not able to testify I go free. I am near Knoxville, TN


    Are you working till these days?
    Do you have available hitman here in ASIA

  12. Gon

    Any hired killer here residing in the philippines?

  13. Samhonor

    how do i contact these people?

  14. anonymous

    how do i get multiple hit men to do this job . so i can hold a job again n when n were do they wanna b paid

  15. ruby456

    u guys available in korea?

  16. xxxxx

    Are you still working?

  17. Revenge

    Do you have hitman in Algeria ?

  18. keeper

    Nice job and well connected. handles my target swiftly after payment.

  19. Gogo studio

    Kindly contact me. I want to hire a hitman. Plz plz plz it’s really urgent. Please please kindly contact me.

  20. The Gravekeeper

    Hey guys, are you operating in Europe too? I got legit stalker on me, bitch is playing with her pie hole – i guess, she’s really trying to ruin my life, can you take care of her for me?

  21. Annamaria

    I need you guys desperately. My babies (4) were taken away from me by social workers that hate me for no reason and there was no any problem and it was like arranged that they take from me all i care about. I have job now and i want them to kill them and burn their entire building down possibly with a bomb so they can no longer do harm to any parent that truly wants only her children and family. I am ready to work all my life only for this revenge that destroyed my life and made me an abomination in my area.

  22. Mamdy

    I want someone taking care of asap. Are you guys still active?

  23. C

    I will be getting enough next month. I need 2 people gone. Got their names and addresses. Rob and stab them.

  24. Hipo

    Someone is threatening my life and I have to take care of him before he hurts me. I need your help guys.

  25. 1xx45j

    Good job guys, took care of my target after 7 days I sent money.

  26. Drug man

    Best hitman guys. i found you on darkweb and i like this. imma gonna contact you guys soon

    1. riya singh

      Please tell me how should I contact hitman

    2. Joel

      Hey can you please guide me on how I can contact them it says to send them a picture and name and all but how do I send it

  27. arganir

    ich habe problem mit einer gauner ich möchte das sie im ausschalten oder rollstuhl reif machen wass wird mich kosten?

  28. THATO


  29. k113

    active in South africa?

  30. Jxxxxxx

    A business partner scammed me over $350,000. I’m really depressed as my company is going down the drain. I wish only but one thing to make the man pay for the destruction he brought to me. I have read your site clearly and i have the money in bitcoin ready to send him down the earth. Please reply my mail

    1. Crayon

      Best guys for the job, I had similar situation when my business partner scammed me of 150.000 euros i swore he won’t live to enjoy the money and i went online in search of hitman service when i bumped in here i was like fuck this is exactly what i need. I paid the fee they asked and the rest was history

  31. jj

    i am willing to pay a high price for a job that i need done in London get back to me if your team can handle the business without any problems

    1. Dt

      Did you manage to locate killers as I have been trying but with no success

  32. Unclewanker69

    Best service ever, my mum kept making me wank off to my uncle so i killed her 10/10 would do again

  33. UGxQR

    I’ve been working for my boss company and he has refused paying me and some other staffs, just got to know he recently bough a big house in Washington which cost millions of usd. I contracted this service thou i didn’t want him to die but want him to suffer and feel the pains we were going through. this team arranged an accident and he’s not walking with his legs. Cost me around $5,000 for this but i don’t care hence i got what i needed.

  34. giovani

    i was a good person peaples wives wanted to have sex with me i was always a good friend and never disrespected anyone they grew hatred towards me and made my friends hate me they got together and humiliated me in the worst ways possible and then showed it to everybody in my town i live a life of humiliation all for doing the right thing im prepaired to work my whole life to pay for the deaths of these assholes the thing that turned my life into this dark path is that when i survived what they did to me and found out they decided to hide behind their children expecting to feel sympothy because theyre all of a sudden so worried something might happen these peaple like to sleep with other peaples wives and disrespectful they think theyre so cool track, me down i have 100.000 saved and i make more from high rollers from the cartels respond back to me

  35. Kyle

    Best hitman service. handle my target within 1 week. kudos

  36. lauretta

    christopher i live someone own allways shouting yelling at me and therting me i what him died

  37. David C Hickle

    I’m hiring a serial killer to have sex with me with no condom no sex pill and repeatedly stab my belly button and cannibalize my belly button and me while I’m wearing a white t and no other clothes on in real life I’m a 43yrs old man I’ve suffered 35yrs of my life in pain that no body can find all I want is out even if someone has to kill me and for nothing no charge to me I actually do want this done to me in real life like I said

  38. Windy

    A guy I called a friend ganged up with 4 other guys and they all raped me, I almost died and i’ve been traumatized i have contacted this team but i can’t presently afford the fee for them to pay for what they all did to me. I must surely pay them back no matter how long it takes me to get this money.

  39. Seryoga

    NIce killers. He has helped me! Thanks YOU!!!!

    1. B.R.

      How much to run out some slut who’s screwing my boyfriend?

  40. Jamie

    I got a guy that’s got to go could you kill Cap’n Crunch? He really pisses me off. Thanks for your consideration. I can pay with chocolate coins and Cookie Crisp maybe you can hire the hamburger

  41. Dave

    Gravelines France 6722 km this the exact location of somone who has been bullying me since i was 4 i have tryed to commit suicide 4 times now and i eally just want a hitman to kill this person

    1. Luke

      Dave Don’t commit suicide think about who’s that’s gonna affect the most? Your mom? Just buy a Brooklyn baseball bat and beat some sense into that prick.

  42. mike busy

    Can i hire you to kill me? I want a long knife thru me.I want to feel it go thru me till i am dead

  43. Yani

    I’m tired of my life, I am frustrated and depressed and I want someone to take my life

  44. Melinda

    I was raped by my dad’s friend and got infected with hiv the trauma still lives in me, i want to kill the rapist that’s the only way i can get justice.

    1. Elena

      I’m passing through same situation, how did you handle the rapist, guess he’s down below the earth now?

    2. Vengence directory

      Ill kill all three of you. Your dad for not killin him, him 4 doin it. Last but not least you for not handling them yourself

  45. Rebecca

    I need your service to end someone who has made my life a misery and sufferings please respond my mail.

  46. Bavy

    Bad ass killers

  47. Cold heart

    Someone cheated me on our business and ate all the bucks. sins paid in full in the grave

    1. Alex

      I’ve been searching for legit hitman until i bumped into this site. someone fucked me up years back and it’s time i pay him back by taking his life. Just paid for this guys called sniper to handle him. And he did it with no traces.
      You can contact him
      [email protected]

    2. toy2e

      I was human trafficked and raped with objects. It still haunts me and I already have a incurable std

  48. Elena

    Some people can be naturally wicked. a friend i helped so much and sacrificed alot for had to dump me when he got rich on my sweat. I’ve got to pay back

    1. checksum

      i want to know is this real,can you tell me?they really do it?

  49. Fuck

    Bad street killers here in the US. never thought it’s real

  50. Willy

    %100 legit modafucker

  51. Bad Guy

    Job completed after 7 days of payment.

  52. AJ

    I’m fucking impressed with this team. cold hearted niqqaz

  53. Kloe

    My life has been in shambles since i lost everything i had after my boyfriend tricked me and waiting for our marriage not knowing he had a selfish plan. took everything and traveled to another country. I tracked him down through this site service. sins paid fully.

  54. JayB

    I’ve been searching for legit killer until i bumped into this site. someone fucked me up years back and it’s time i pay him back by taking his life. Just paid for this guys to handle him. I await the good news

  55. JD

    Best Russian killer team. they abducted my target and chopped off his hands, enjoyed it while i watched him suffer before he died. paid for what he caused me.

  56. DeepKiller

    Best killer i’ve used, anonymous killer and killed the person i want by my specs.

  57. Shotgun

    This is an excellent Hitman service and a substantial one. carried out my job as i instructed and the rest is history.

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